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6 Easy Ways to Change Up Your Workouts

6 Easy Ways to Change Up Your Workouts


Do you want to increase muscular growth and spice up your workout routine? Are you sick of working out in the same way over and over again?

If so, it's time to change things up and try something new with your workouts. By doing this, you'll shock your body and build muscle and strength. Not to mention that you'll keep motivated over time and avoid getting bored.

There are several strategies to make your training interesting and engaging. Adding more reps, doing supersets, and finding a training partner are all simple strategies that can greatly enhance your performance.

Here are six quick ideas to mix up your workouts and make the most of your gym time:

Exercise Differently

Start by incorporating new exercises into your fitness regimen, such as planks, walking lunges, standing cross rows, and sissy squats. These techniques are frequently disregarded despite their potency.

Most frequent gym goers probably haven't tried burpees or planks. Always start with a small weight, complete 13–15 reps while maintaining proper form, and gradually up the weight. Keep going until you are unable to perform 10–12 reps with perfect form.

Make minor adjustments

Altering the number of reps, sets, exercises, and rest intervals is another easy approach to liven up your routine. This promotes muscle growth and keeps you moving forward.

Every time you train, try to do at least one thing differently. You'll be able to tell the difference straight away whether it's a drop set, a new exercise, or an extra rep. Increased maximum lifts are possible with this method, and it also prevents plateaus.

Think about outdoor activities

Although working out in the gym is excellent, it may occasionally become monotonous. Choose one day each week to engage in an outdoor activity, such as swimming, kayaking, cycling, hiking, or jogging. You'll work out your entire body in this manner and lose weight.

Many of these exercises encourage the development of lean muscle and aid in year-round fitness. Working exercise outside may boost your immune system, speed up your metabolism, and give your joints a rest, according to health experts.

Make use of supersets

Use supersets to intensify your workouts the next time you visit the gym. This method will cause your muscles to expand dramatically.

Your general endurance will rise, your muscle size and strength will increase, and your exercises will become more varied thanks to supersets. You essentially perform two workouts in a row with little to no rest when you use supersets.

By doing so, you'll get the most out of your workout, burn more calories, and visit the gym less frequently. A typical superset may include of wide grip pull-ups and push-ups, cable side laterals and seated dumbbell presses, close grip bench presses and barbell curls, or machine leg presses and lying leg curls.

Attempt giant sets

With less than a minute of pause in between each exercise, a huge set comprises of three or more exercises. These have the potential to be quite intense, requiring your body to use more muscle fibers than usual. So that your workout can be finished in 30 to 45 minutes, rest periods should be maintained to a minimum.

You can combine exercises for the chest, back, and legs. For the back, you can combine deadlifts, chin-ups, close-grip pulldowns, and dumbbell rows. For your tights, you can combine squats, leg presses, and leg extensions. This exercise method will increase your heart rate and fire up your metabolism. It's a fantastic way to get bigger and stronger as well.

Find a workout buddy

Have you ever thought about going to the gym with a friend? You'll be able to lift greater weights, try more challenging exercises, and have fun all at the same time if you do it this way.

Having a workout partner will keep you safe and assist in avoiding injuries. He can also push you to use up your additional strength and energy, which will up the intensity of your workout.

The ideal training partner will catch any form errors, offer competition, and motivate you to leave the house when you're feeling unmotivated.

It's even better if your workout buddy is stronger or more fit than you are. A little healthy competition is usually a plus. Time passes more quickly when you work out with a friend, especially during those tedious cardio workouts.