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In thirty days, you can add 1 inch of muscle to your arms

In thirty days, you can add 1 inch of muscle to your arms


A man who knew Vince Gironda very well recently got in touch with me. I had never heard any of the tales he told me about the legendary "Iron Guru" before. I began to consider Vince as a result.

I purchased all of Vince's courses when I first started bodybuilding. I also read every piece he ever produced for MuscleMag International. The old cranky man was tremendously ahead of his time! He truly understood how to quickly develop a great physique.

Here's one of Vince's trade secrets that not many people are aware of.

I almost don't want to tell you this secret. It is so straightforward and uncomplicated that I'm worried you'll dismiss it as nonsense. But believe me, it truly does work! Vince adhered to the theory that maintaining a "positive nitrogen balance" in your body is necessary for growth. This implies that protein, the only food that includes nitrogen, should always be present in your bloodstream.

Your body converts protein into amino acids when you consume a protein-rich meal. These amino acids are only briefly absorbed into the bloodstream. Within two to three hours, if you don't consume more protein, you'll be in a "negative nitrogen balance." This indicates that more nitrogen is being used and excreted by your body than is being consumed.

You must maintain a steady flow of high-quality protein entering your body to stop that from happening.

Vince supported the use of "concentrated food sources." These are foods that give you the protein and nutrients you need without filling up your stomach with unnecessary calories and carbohydrates, allowing for frequent feedings.

He didn't think it was a good idea to overeat in order to bulk up and put on a lot of weight. "How much do you think an extra inch on your arms is going to add to the scale?" he used to ask.

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Therefore, Vince gave his student's protein powder that was blended with cream, uncooked fertile eggs, amino acids, and... ... (drum roll, please)...

Tablets with desiccated liver!

Vince demonstrated how many kids may gain an inch on their arms in just 30 days by taking three to five liver supplements every hour. This guarantees a positive nitrogen balance without too many extra calories and carbohydrates.

It's not uncommon to hear tales from some of the old timers about amazing improvements made while taking more than 100 liver supplements every day.

What makes it so effective?

According to Vince, the desiccated liver is an excellent anti-toxin and contains nucleic acids for proper amino-acid consumption, a growth factor, an anti-estrogen factor that maintains high testosterone levels, and a growth factor.

Historically Important Research on Desiccated Liver

Dr. B. H. Ershoff proved in a famous experiment that liver extract might increase stamina, endurance, performance, and resilience to disease and stress. Here's a brief explanation of what happened:

Dr. Ershoff divided the rats into three groups and fed them predetermined diets for a total of twelve weeks. A basic diet supplemented with vitamins and minerals was consumed by Group 1. Group 2 consumed as much of the same diet as they pleased along with B vitamins and brewer's yeast. Group three consumed the standard diet with the addition of 10% desiccated liver to their meals.

Then the doctor slowly introduced each rat to a water drum from which they were unable to escape. Literally, it was sink or swim!

Before they all drowned, the rats in group one swam for an average of 13.2 minutes. 13.4 minutes on average for group two. However, after two hours had passed and the experiment was over, Group 3 was still swimming.

The rats in the diets that included desiccated liver swam for approximately ten times as long as the other two groups! No other vitamin, as far as I'm aware, has even come close to the liver in terms of enhancing endurance.

Desiccated liver is just effective!

Therefore, heed Vince Gironda's counsel and consider including desiccated liver in your supplement regimen. Only 8 to 10 desiccated liver tablets used in each of your five meals a day will significantly improve your condition. This straightforward but efficient supplement program will increase your daily consumption of high-quality protein by about 65 grams.