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The 5 Best Moves to Target Your Core for Lower Ab Workout

The 5 Best Moves to Target Your Core for Lower Ab Workout

The round tummy is no longer regarded as a positive quality. Either a zero figure or a trunk area covered in six-pack abs is sought. The six-pack is a sign of extreme fitness and gives someone with large amounts of biceps, triceps, and lats a beautiful appearance. It takes a lot of effort and a special diet to work out the abs, especially the lower abdominal workouts. You need to stay away from junk food and avoid fat-containing foods as much as possible.

Here are a few lower-abdominal workouts you might try; just keep in mind that you should perform them gradually.

 1#  Crunches on a bicycle

Crunches on a bicycle

We'll start by discussing crunches done while riding a bicycle. This lower abdomen workout is excellent for males. You rest on the ground while doing this, orienting your face upward. The head is raised and held by the arms while the legs are bowed. The other leg is straightened out as the right leg is pulled closer and the left elbow is pushed forward to make contact with it. The right elbow approaches as is done with the left leg this time. You keep doing this until you start to feel out of breath.

2# Twist and crunch 

Twist and crunch

One of the best abs exercises is what follows. One must bend his leg while lying down. The right side of the body must then be elevated with the abs, the right hip must then be slightly rotated, and the right elbow must be turned. The left elbow is also made to follow suit on the next turn. This is done several times. Very good lower abdomen development follows from this.

 3# Reverse double-leg crunches

Reverse double-leg crunches

To do this, lie on your back with your body parallel to the floor. The knee is then bent while the legs are elevated. Keep your hands below your hips. The heels gradually descended to only a few inches above the ground, where they remained for a while. The legs are elevated once more to their original posture. The same action is repeated once more. This aids in the abdomen's lower region's development.

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4# Refusing to do sit-ups

Refusing to do sit-ups

The lower portion of the abs is also developed by decreased sit-ups. Just like a regular sit-up, only with a slightly lowered leg raise. This aids in directing the impact toward the lower belly.


5# Side crush with the balls

Side crush with the balls

This resembles the standard crunch with the back lying on the ball almost exactly. However, this exercise aids in both the reduction of side body fat and the development of the bottom portion of the six-pack abs.

Each Exercise Requires 4/5 Sets, 20/30 Reps, and 1 Minute Rest in Between Sets!