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Famous Backs: Phil Heath

In 2008, Phil The Gift Heath had previously competed in bodybuilding for six years when he made his debut in the Mr. Olympia competition. He was regarded as the favorite the next year after becoming the first novice to finish in the top three. But it will take him three years to become a member of the bodybuilding elite.  The title had been decided when he locked his double biceps and spread his back lats, which he did in 2011, defeating his fierce rival and mentor Jay Cutler.

His back was thought to be his biggest issue the year before when he finished in second place. So, in just a single year, how did The Gift manage to change from weakness to strength? with unwavering resolve and the appropriate workout regimen.

Back workouts for beginners to build bulk

We are providing you with the recipe that won Phil's first of four titles in a row.

Phil Heth's Back Exercise

First Pulldown: 3–4 sets, 10–12 repetitions

2. Barbell rowing underhand: 3–4 sets, 10–12 repetitions

3. High pulley row: 3–4 sets, 10–12 repetitions.

4. T-bar row: 12 repetitions in 4 sets

5. Seated cable row: 10–12 repetitions in 7 sets

6. Pullover: three sets of 15–20 repetitions

7. Shrug: 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions

* "Sevens" (FST-7 technique), comprising seven sets separated by a 20–30 second break.