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What to Eat to Keep Muscle Before Sleep

Sleeping induces a catabolic phase, during which your muscles essentially undergo deterioration as a result of prolonged starvation. For beginners aiming to put on weight and gain muscle, skipping meals before bed is a big mistake. Eating the wrong foods is an even bigger mistake. Now, I'm not saying go out and eat a three-course dinner right before bed; eating the correct foods is the key to keeping muscle during the night.

You should eat casein protein, which is a slow-digesting protein, right before bed. It is the ideal nutrient because it takes your body hours to completely digest after consumption, providing your muscles with nourishment while you sleep. In order to prevent muscle starvation, it is imperative that anyone attempting to gain muscle eat something high in casein protein before bed.

What are protein supplements?

It's actually not that hard to find or make great pre-bedtime foods that are high in casein protein. For example, cottage cheese has long been a bodybuilder's go-to pre-bedtime meal because it contains the highest natural casein protein available. You'll feel great if you take a few spoonfuls of this before going to bed! Milk, which contains 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein, is another fantastic product. Many choose to have a glass of milk with their cottage cheese before bed in order to get an extra dose of casein and help them fall asleep. This is in addition to the fact that milk has been known to act almost like a natural sleep aid. Eating these two before bed is a great idea because they are healthy and natural, and prevent your muscles from entering a catabolic state.