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6 New Exercises for 6 Pack Abs

As I always note, the wellness industry is always evolving and learning new things, such as creative nutrition concepts. Yesterday's truth will no longer be applicable tomorrow.

On my Facebook page, I posted a super difficult abs exercise that included a slew of other muscle fever exercises to firm the belly. I proposed six exercises for a six pack, or the 13DaysABSChallenge, a while back.

So, without further ado, let's get started with the workouts, and don't forget to warm up!

1. Kettlebell Pullover – Lie down on your back with your legs raised. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and spread them apart while holding your feet's soles together. Then, with both hands straight over your head, raise the kettlebell and lower it behind you, up to 12 inches above the ground. Return to the starting spot above head and hold it there for a few seconds. Perform a minimum of 10 right repetitions and a maximum of 15 repetitions. See the illustration below.

2. Pull the front plank cable –Set the cable machine to the lowest setting for the front plank cable pull. Face the machine and do a front plank with your arms at arm's length. This is your starting position: stretch one arm out in front of you and catch the handle. Return to starting place by pulling the cable towards you until your elbow meets your ribs. Perform 12 repetitions on each arm separately. Make sure you choose the appropriate weight! See the illustration below.

3. Rack-hold-walk with kettlebells – Bring a pair of kettlebells up to your chest height. To tightly grip the kettlebells, bend your elbows on your chest and entwine your fingers. Between your forearms and biceps, position the kettlebells. Take a 50- to 100-meter walk. Repeat 8 times, pausing for 30 seconds each time. See the illustration below.

4. Extend the cable knees _ Using a jump rope cable similar to the one you'd use for triceps. Pull the cable down to your shoulders with both hands, elbows bent. This is your starting position: kneel on one knee on the concrete. Straighten your arms up gently from this spot. Return to your starting spot after a few seconds in this position. On each knee, perform 10 repetitions. See the illustration below.

5. Knees to chest with resistance band – Similar to TRX suspension exercise, but more challenging! Reduce the resistance band's height to that of a drawbar and position your feet within. As if you were beginning a push-up, lie down and push yourself up onto your knees. This is where you'll begin. Bend your knees and pull your legs towards your chest. Perform 15 repetitions. Pick a band that's right for you! See the illustration below.

6. Crunches performed diagonally with an Ab-wheel – This is the classic ab-roller exercise (wheel for crunches). Kneeling push-ups are similar to planks, except with the knees resting on the deck. Instead of rolling the wheel straight forward and without shifting your hips, roll it in a diagonally curved line on either side. On either hand, repeat for a minimum of 10 repetitions. See the illustration below.