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Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Workout for Beginners



As a beginner, it's important to learn how to program proper motor patterns into the brain in order to exercise safely and effectively. It's also recommended that a beginner's workout focus on compound exercises, with isolation exercises thrown in to prevent any weak spots from forming.

It is not recommended that a person begin training with heavy weights when they first begin. This can quickly lead to the development of bad form patterns, which can lead to injury.

If you've never done a Barbell Bench Press before, for example, it's recommended that you start with either the Olympic bar for males, which weighs 20kg, or a shorter 10kg bar for females.Most people would be able to complete a good number of repetitions per set with this weight, allowing them to exercise proper form.

Warm-up is the first step.

It is important to perform a proper warm-up before even touching a weight.

Using a resistance band to warm up the shoulder joint is my absolute favorite warm-up for upper-body exercises like "chest and triceps" and "back and biceps."

It's ideal to have a band that provides light resistance. The Rotator Cuff community of the shoulder joint can be warmed up by doing external rotations with the band. It can also help stretch and relax the tissues of the Anterior Deltoid (1 of 3 deltoids inside the shoulder muscle) and Pectoralis Major (pecs), which are extremely tight in most people due to postural problems and other factors.

Warming up the spine can also involve foam rolling of the back muscles and lying hip rotations.

Exercises for Beginners

This is how an easy but successful Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps workout could look...

1) Bench Press with a Flat Barbell

This is the most fundamental of all chest exercises. It is not, in my view, the best exercise for chest growth for a variety of reasons. It is, however, an exercise that should not be overlooked. The Flat Barbell Bench Press has several advantages, especially for beginners:

* It's a simple exercise with fast results if done correctly.

* It serves as a starting point for all other Chest exercises. You should be able to do other Chest exercises correctly if you can do the Flat Barbell Bench Press correctly.

In either hand, a Barbell is easier to handle than a Dumbbell. As compared to Flat Dumbbell Bench Press, this helps the Central Nervous System to establish motor patterns far more quickly.

Progressive Overload is a simple technique to use. Small weight increments, such as 1.25kg plates per foot, are available in most gyms. This allows for much more linear development than with dumbbells, which always increase in weight, such as 2.5kg per dumbbell, etc.

* In the gym, I see a lot of people who don't keep their scapula retracted (not pulling the shoulder blades together.)

Furthermore, excessive flaring of the elbows may result in serious injury to the shoulder joint. During the eccentric part of the movement (lowering the weight to your chest), pull your shoulder blades together and tuck your elbows slightly to keep your shoulder in a comfortable position.

How about reps and sets?

When doing the Flat Barbell Bench Press for the first time, I suggest doing 8-10 sets with only the bar to ensure proper technique. Since form must be ingrained first, the first workout should not be a strenuous one. This could be true for the first few weeks of your weight-training regimen.

Perform 3 sets of 6-8 repetitions per set when you're ready to increase the weight on the bar. While each set should feel increasingly difficult, I do not recommend that you achieve failure within the first set. The final set should be challenging, but you should still be able to complete 6 repetitions.

2) Overhead Barbell Press

The barbell overhead press is an excellent exercise for building broad shoulders and pressing strength.

Developing power in this exercise has a significant impact on your ability to perform the Barbell Bench Press!

Using a grip similar to the one you chose for the Bench Press for this exercise.

* Try to hold the chest up and the Scapula retracted at the start of the cycle, and not to flare the elbows too much.

During the first few training sessions, the weight should be kept light, and then weight can be added in the following weeks.

How about reps and sets?

After doing the Flat Barbell Bench Press, I recommend doing 3-5 sets of 6-12 repetitions.

3) Flying Cables

Cable Flies are a perfect way to work the chest muscles while not overworking the Central Nervous System. Since it is an isolation exercise, this is the case.

Because of the constant stress exerted on the chest muscles, using cables instead of dumbbells for flies is ideal. Due to the tension curve of the exercise not taking gravity into account, performing Dumbbell Flies is sub-optimal for chest development.

* From your waist, your body should have a slight forward curve.

* Maintain a retracted Scapula throughout.

Lower the weights in a ‘arc' motion.

How about reps and sets?

I recommend doing three sets of eight to fifteen repetitions.

4) Triceps Extensions with Overhead Cable

This exercise emphasizes the long-head of the Triceps, which is not targeted as such during other Triceps exercises, allowing for balanced growth of the Triceps.

This exercise can be done in a variety of ways. For example, the picture below shows the movement being performed from a top pulley, but the same exercise can also be done with the cable mounted from the bottom. A bench can also be used to support your back, or you can simply do the movement with a dumbbell! It's all about preparation, so it's worth enlisting the support of your gym's fitness practitioners.

(For the above variation)

Before twisting and stretching your arms directly above your head, make sure you have a firm grip on either side of the rope.

* Keep your elbows close to your head with your knuckles facing the ceiling.

* Maintain tension by slowly lowering the rope behind your head with just your forearms.

* Inhale when moving and exhale while returning

How about reps and sets?

I recommend doing 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps per set.

Take Home Message

Please keep in mind that this is a beginner's exercise and that experienced weight lifters will not find it useful.

I recommend sticking to this regimen for 8-12 weeks to build a strong base in compound exercises!