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What Are the Best Chest Workouts to Do?



There are a few specific chest exercises that will be extremely beneficial to you, but you don't know which ones they are. There are some fantastic chest exercises that you can try to do if you are a female, but most women don't want a chest that is too muscular and worked out. It is primarily for men who want to strengthen their pectoral muscles and benefit from some excellent chest exercise ideas.


The cable crossovers exercise is one of the best chest exercises to try, and it'll be a great place to start for you:

1. After setting the pulley resistance and positioning the pulleys above your head, hold the pulleys in each hand.

2. Take a step forward of an imaginary line drawn between the two pulleys, leaning forward from the waist up and bringing the two arms together in front of you. This is where you'll begin.

3. When you execute this movement, slowly let your arms travel out in an arc until you feel a small stretch in your chest, maintain a slight bend in the elbow to prevent bicep tension, and breathe in. It's important to note that your shoulders should move, but your body and arms should not.

4. Return the arms to their starting position using the same arc motion. When shifting the shoulders, remember to breathe out at the same time and to hold the body and arms in the same positions.

5. Continue until you reach the desired number of reps.

Another great chest training move to try is the incline dumbbell press, which is close to the bench press and is one of my favorites. The exercise is straightforward:

1. Sit on the bench with the two dumbbells on your thighs, then raise the dumbbells to shoulder width apart in front of your chest once you've gotten comfortable. Finally, curl your hands so that the palms of your hands face away from you, as if you're holding a bar between the two.

2. Keep the dumbbells under balance by pushing them up with your chest while you exhale.

3. Once you've reached the brink, slowly lower your dumbbells to your stomach.

4. Perform the movement for the requisite number of reps.

The press up is a perfect final exercise that I recommend. It's easy to do, reliable, works more than just the chest, can be varied to increase or decrease difficulty, and can be done without weights anywhere. It is carried out as follows:

1. Lie flat on the floor with your hands just above shoulder width apart and straight arms supporting yourself.

2. Inhale and lower yourself until your chest is almost touching the floor.

3. When exhaling, hold and then return to the tip.

4. Perform the appropriate number of repetitions.

These three exercises will get your chest workouts off to a great start.

A little extra fitness advice that has worked well for me and others I've researched is to do the following. The motion you breathe out on, i.e. the strenuous part, should take 1 second, then you should keep for 1 second at the end, and then the motion you breathe in on, i.e. the relaxing part, should take 2 seconds. This should help you get the most out of your reps, and you'll notice the difference.