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Too Busy to Go to the Gym? Try This 15-Minute Belly Fat Workout

Too Busy to Go to the Gym? Try This 15-Minute Belly Fat Workout

On weekdays, the average person in the United States works 8.06 hours a day, and on weekends, they work 5.53 hours a day. When you spend the majority of your free time on transportation, friends, and family, the gym seems to be a fantasy. However, for impressive performance, you just need to spend 15 minutes at home on a regular basis.

Bright Side discovered some easy but successful ways to lose belly fat without having to go to the gym.

1. Begin your cardio workout by taking the stairs.

Cardio is very critical for fat loss and can speed up the metabolism. So, instead of taking the lift, take the stairs next time. You'll soon find that your body is much more strong.

If you live in a high-rise, simply begin ascending the stairwell. It can be as little as 15 minutes at first, but gradually increase the time limits. After a few months, you'll find that your stomach is shrinking.

2. Do crunches while sitting in a chair.

This is an exercise that you can do at your desk. Take a 15-minute break to exercise.

* Raise your legs off the floor and straight out in front of you when sitting. Pull your knees in toward your chest, then straighten them out again.

* Perform three sets of 20 reps.

3. Sit in a chair and do side crunches.

Laying on your back, bring your legs up and down to do crunches.

* Do the exercise on the right side first.

* Then turn around and repeat on the other hand.

You're now working on the lateral abdominal muscles.

4. Perform crunches in the opposite direction.

This is a very successful workout. You can also do it when watching TV while you're at home.

* Take a seat.

* Lie down with your legs flat on the concrete.

* With your abs, lift your legs until they are above your shoulders, or even higher if possible. Don't go too quickly.

* Return them to their original position slowly.

* Perform three sets of 20 reps.

5. Do V-ups to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

This exercise could be challenging for you. However, it is extremely powerful and does not necessitate the use of a gym.

All you have to do now is raise your body and balance your legs and arms in the air.

* Extend your arms over your head and away from your knees as you lay down. The palms should be facing down. Straighten your legs.

* Now, slowly begin to raise all of your limbs into a V formation.

* Using your fingertips, try to touch your toes.

* Then slowly begin to return the body to its original location.

* Perform three sets of 10-15 reps.

6. Do twists when raising your legs.

This exercise will aid in the development of your upper torso.

* Sit with your legs placed on the concrete. It is essential to keep the feet together. The torso should remain upright, with the back at a 45-degree angle off the ground.

* Begin spinning your arms in a rotating motion from one side to the other. Take it easy at first.

* Do not rest in repetitions or the abdominal impact would be lost.