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Best Workout Combination – Back and Bicep workout compound exercises


Best Workout Combination – Back and Bicep workout compound exercises

Compound movements for the back and biceps are the best training combination.

We'll learn the Best Workout Combination for your back and bicep workout compound exercises in this blog.

It's never too late to begin working toward your objective. Whatever your fitness goals are, all you need is the appropriate guidance.

A new day begins when you decide to begin and put forth the effort to do so. So, if you want to be the fittest, you should keep an eye on these workouts.

Sp It's also crucial to concentrate on nutrition when trying to build a slim and muscular body. You will find it difficult to recover quickly if you do not follow a correct nutritious food plan, and you may end up with issues such as muscle loss, sluggish recovery, sluggish muscular development, or even injury.

One thing to keep in mind is that focusing on back muscles also puts stress on the biceps muscle, so if you work on your back, you should also focus on your arms for a better result. Warm-up and stretching exercises are required before beginning your workout.

Following your warm-up exercises, you can begin heavy weight training on your back and biceps.

Your back muscles may be exhausted if you use your biceps muscles first. So start with your back and work your way up to your biceps.

Compound exercises for the back and biceps

Pull-down of the lats are the first exercise.

* Place your body on the bench with your knee bent at 90 degrees. Keep your feet flat on the ground as well.

* Pull the bar down, retaining your grip outside to the shoulder, or extend slightly once you've sat comfortably.

* After that, raise your chest and lean back slightly. Now it's time to pull the bar.

* Slowly lower the bar with your elbow pointing down while pulling it. Now gradually increase your height. This is a whole recap.

Rowing with one arm (Exercise 2)

* Keep your back flat and your right leg on the bench.

* One hand lifts the weight while the other rests on the bench to provide support.

* Pull the weight in your side upwards and then lower the dumbbell to complete 1 rep.

Seated Cable Row (Exercise 3)

* You should sit somewhat apart from the machine for this workout.

* Lean forward to grip the bar, then return to a sitting position with your back straight.

* Squeeze your shoulder blade and draw the bar to your chest while keeping your elbow high.

Biceps curls with a barbell

* Holding the barbell, stand up.

* Curl your barbell slowly without moving your arms, relying solely on your forearms.

Dumbbell Biceps Curl (Exercise 5)

* Hold the dumbbell with the dumbbell side palm facing in and stand up straight.

* While lifting the dumbbells, tuck your elbows to the sides.

* At the height of the maneuver, turn your wrist.

Biceps curl with pulley (Exercise 6)

* Maintain a straight lower pulley bar.

* While raising, tuck your elbows to the sides.

* Slowly and deliberately move your elbow.

I hope you have fun with this workout. Finally, choose a friend who has the same aim as you and you will always be inspired to start and finish the activity.

Back and bicep workout complex movements with 60 second rest between sets and 1.30 minute drop sets