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The Most Effective Whole-Body Workout Routine for Muscle Gain

The Most Effective Whole-Body Workout Routine for Muscle Gain

Beginners or adults who wish to go back into training after a time of inactivity will benefit from a whole-body workout plan to build muscle. Although it is difficult to discover a truly effective whole-body workout plan, there are a few that should work for the majority of people.

When you are new to weight training, it is critical to begin cautiously and gradually raise your intensity, which is why such workouts are necessary. The muscle-building practice I'll show you is meant to serve as an example and a guideline rather than a rigorous law. This workout can be tweaked to achieve even better results.

Extreme muscle-building workout plan for the entire body

Exercise No. 1

4×12 reps on the bench press

4×12 repetitions of incline press

4×15 reps of cable crossovers

4 reps to max chin ups

4×10 repetitions of barbell rows

3×12 repetitions of deadlifts

4×12 reps dumbbell shoulder press

4×12 repetitions of side lateral raises

3 times maximum crunches

Lie-down Leg Raises – 3 times maximum

 the second workout.

Squats (4×12-15 reps) 

4×12 repetitions of hack squats

4×12 repetitions of leg extensions

4×12 repetitions of leg curls

4×12 repetitions of barbell curls

4×12 repetitions of Concentration Curls

4×12 reps Triceps Pushdown

4×12 reps seated triceps press

Week 1

Monday – Workout (W) 2

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – W 1

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest

Saturday – W 2

Sunday – Rest

Week 2

Monday – W 1

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – W 2

Friday – Rest

Saturday – W 1

Sunday – Rest

It's critical to utilize weights that you can handle for these exercises and to perform them with appropriate form. Most people lift excessively high weights in order to appear cool, but they do not strengthen their muscles. Rest intervals between sets are another crucial component to which few people pay attention. Some guys start daydreaming and take a 5-minute or longer pause between sets. Between sets, there should be no more than 1 minute of rest. No whole-body training plan will help you grow muscle if you are not focused.

When you go to the gym, you go there to workout and train exclusively — no socializing, no cellphones, and no music. Concentrate on the task at hand. This total-body workout regimen is incredibly effective, and if you follow it right, you will be fatigued at the end.