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The Best Ab Workout for Beginners

The Best Ab Workout for Beginners

"This is the best beginner ab workout that you can perform anywhere," says the author. This beginner's abs workout contains only six ab movements, and the amount of time you spend doing them depends on your ability level - up to 45 seconds if you're up to it. Each exercise is followed by a 15-second rest period. If you can finish one round and still tolerate more, a second round of the identical workout is a wonderful alternative for cutting this workout down to 14 minutes."

"The exercise selection is critical to any starting abs workout's success." Ab workouts are frequently too intricate or demanding for individuals who are just getting started. They tend to overwork the hip flexors instead than the abs, which can lead to lower back pain. When you're attempting to stick to an ab workout, the last thing you want is for it to produce tension in your lower back."

"Even a smidgeon of back soreness is enough to make anyone stop practicing ab workouts."

"Instead, the activities chosen here are done with such attention and intention. We'll start with a lower ab movement because they're the most hardest to master. The simple reason for this is that you must lift your pelvis back towards your head in order to bias your lower abs. This means you'll be raising a portion of your body weight using your legs."

The Best Ab Workout for Beginners 

"The weight lifted is larger when lower ab workouts are performed with the legs straight out. Beyond that, if the beginning isn't skilled enough, the hip flexors can take over if they don't know how to reduce their involvement and let the abs do more of the work. As in the Reverse Butterfly Crunch, the remedy is to open the legs up."

"From here, we want to make sure that we incorporate rotation into our ab workout for beginners, and really everyone." This is made possible by the opposing knee to elbow. The idea is to contract your knee to your elbow rather than just bringing one knee to the other elbow. When you execute it correctly, you'll notice a significant difference in how it feels and how much it utilizes your abs."

"Because the Obliques are so vital to the visual tapering of the abs, you must include activities that specifically target them." The kickstand side plank was chosen for this workout. Here, you aim to strengthen the pillars that maintain your core stable and resistant to spinal trauma. If you have the time, 45 seconds per side is ideal."

"The preferred midrange movement is hands back knee thrusts." The goal is to bring the top and bottom of the screen closer together. When performing the traditional version of the hands back knee tuck, a beginner has a propensity to overuse the hip flexors once more. We can give the resting hip flexor a break and minimize undue strain or tension by doing it one leg at a time."

"Another rotational exercise that helps us drive oblique engagement with the rectus or upper abs is the plank toe tap. The idea is to reach through to the opposing toe so that you can ensure that you are rotating your abdominal adequately during this workout. 45 seconds of alternating sides is a great goal to aim for."

"Finally, the frog crunch is another one of those beginner ab exercises that allows you to work your upper abs without relying on your hip flexors. This aids in the majority of the work being done by the rectus abdominis."

"Here's how to do the best beginner ab workout:"

45 seconds of Butterfly Reverse Crunch | 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds opposite knee to elbow | 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of Kickstand Side Planks (R) | 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds of Kickstand Side Planks (L) | 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds of Hands Back Knee Thrusts | 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds plank toe taps | 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of Frog Crunch | 15 seconds of rest

"If you're up for a second round, click the link at the top of this description to return to the time stamped beginning of the workout and repeat." Don't worry if you can't complete the entire 45 seconds for any of the movements in this beginner ab workout. Simply go for as long as you can and gradually increase your duration as you gain stronger with this workout."