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The Top 5 Triceps Muscle-Building Exercises

The Top 5 Triceps Muscle-Building Exercises

Do you want to bulk up your upper arms? Needless to say, you'll need to work on your triceps if that's the case.

The tricep muscle makes up almost two-thirds of your upper arm, which may surprise you. As a result, the stronger and more developed your triceps are, the stronger and more developed your arms appear overall.

Prepare to feel the burn with these tricep exercises in your next upper-body workout.

Dips of the Triceps (parallel bar dips)

Let's get back to fundamentals, shall we? Seriously, if you can come up with a better exercise to represent true arm strength and power than the parallel bar dip, do it. All of your heavy-weight triceps cable press-down work, in our opinion, is essentially useless if you can't complete one proper dip.

There's no denying that compound motions are what you'll need to reach your peak growth potential. Use 21s for your dips to increase the intensity.

How to do it:

Begin by standing on the dip bars in an erect position, lowering your body with your elbows tucked in, and then executing 7 reps in the lower part of the range of motion.

● After that, do 7 reps in the upper half of the body, followed by 7 reps with a full range of motion.

2. Bench Press with a Closed-Grip Incline

When opposed to a close-grip flat bench press, the close-grip incline bench press allows you to train tri's with a broader range of motion. In fact, we believe that this action is the best for overall triceps development because it allows you to move more weight than single-joint routines and hammer your tri's without the need of a machine. Just make sure you don't use a too-narrow grip — your hands should be a little closer together than shoulder-width apart.

Bonus tip: do this exercise on a decline bench for even more triceps stimulation and maximum tightness!

3. Push-Ups with Diamonds

Because this is a more difficult variation of the push-up, technique and form are critical for a safe and successful execution as well as maximal gains. If you concentrate on getting these two things right, you'll reap more benefits than you bargained for, including stronger triceps, chest, front delts, and a steel core. Unfortunately, bodybuilders have mostly ignored this powerful exercise, probably because learning it demands a great lot of patience and dedication. However, if you stay with it long enough, it will pay off!

How to do it:

Place your hands close together with your forefinger and thumbs touching on a pair of parallel grips, then lower your body while keeping your elbows at your sides.

Push yourself up and emphasize the triceps contraction while keeping your body stiff and rigid and producing a straight line.

When you've mastered the basic diamond push-up, up it up a notch by doing it with elevated feet to make your tri's even more difficult.

4. Rack Triceps Press

The triceps rack press is a little-known workout that allows you to blast your tris in a novel way while remaining completely adjustable to your strength levels.

How to do it:

Adjust a Smith machine bar/squat rack bar to waist level, and grab the bar like an inverted skull crusher as you face the floor.

Slowly lower your body with the bar traveling toward your forehead while maintaining a neutral back, then press back up to the previous position.

Increase the tension by starting with the bar at knee level once you've mastered this variation. Reps as usual, then raise the bar one notch and complete a second set. After each muscle failure, keep raising the bar. That's how you get fantastic triceps gains!

5. Crusher of Skulls

Skull crushers are one of the greatest routines around, and it's not just because of its name - that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this exercise's unique capacity to make or break your body. This is the sixth and final exercise you'll ever need to really work your triceps. It may be done with a variety of different pieces of equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, EZ-bars, and even the cable machine, all of which provide similar advantages.

You can also do it on different bench levels, such as incline, decline, or flat. To put it another way, skull crushers are never boring! Even better, they may easily be done in a superset for truly incredible triceps strength and bulk increases.

You must, however, perform them with a complete concentration on form and technique - after all, it is called that for a reason.

How to do it:

Bend at the elbows and lower the barbell toward your forehead while lying down on your back and holding a barbell above your chest (with the tightest grip possible!).

Press it back up to the starting position after a brief pause.

To isolate your triceps even more, begin the exercise with your elbows back so that the bar begins over your forehead, putting even more tension on the tri's.

Lower it in an arch over and behind your head, then press it up to the angled position.

Triceps-Blasting Programme

You can alternate between the two triceps programs listed below every week:

Triceps Exercise #1

Triceps Dips (parallel bar dip): 3 sets x 18 reps 

Skull Crusher: 3 sets x 12-15 reps

2 sets of diamond push-ups until failure

Triceps Exercise #2

Close-Grip Decline Bench Press: sets 3-4 x 8-12 reps 

Triceps Rack Press: 2-3 rounds

 Feet-Elevated Diamond Push-Ups: 3 sets until failure