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Have you noticed that in the gym, people try to avoid you? Perhaps you spotted other males glancing at her or felt a strange vibe? We're sorry to inform you that you might be one of the gymgoers that everyone despises.

This is why:

1. You Constantly Lose Weight

Nothing at the gym is more awkward than dropping weights, and doing so is a surefire way to make oneself look bad. Stop trying to lift more than you can and stop being a showoff!

2. You Don't Remove the Weights

If you don't put the weights away after using them, you're likely to make some enemies at the gym. Not only does it make the area appear messy, but it also forces someone else to waste time seeking for the necessary weights. Your mother never told you to clean up after herself, did she?

3. You Never Make Use of a Sweat Towel

Look, no one likes to exercise in another person's sweat. After each use, wipe the equipment down with a sweat towel.

4. You hoard equipment that isn't being used.

Never use the equipment as a seat or a place to rest. People go to the gym to exercise; they don't want to hang around and watch you be obscenely lazy.

5. You stare at your phone for the most of the day.

Sit on Facebook or use Tinder at home if that's what you want to do. You will appear really foolish if, while working out at the gym, you spend more time on your phone than actually working out. Additionally, it's an obvious indication that you don't take your exercise seriously.

6. You Provide Your Opposing Viewpoint

Nobody wants advice they didn't ask for, whether or not they are fitness experts.

7. You spend more time taking selfies in the mirror than exercising.

Nobody on Instagram wants to see seven pictures of you at the gym because the gym isn't a catwalk. Drop the phone and pick up some weights instead!

8. You engage in excessive talking

Yes, a lot of people make new acquaintances at the gym because they share a passion. People who are in the zone, on the other hand, don't want to hear about your hectic day at the office.

You Judge Others 9.

Everybody must begin somewhere. It's a terrific approach to establish oneself as someone to avoid to judge others who are new and don't know what they're doing. Hey, have you ever considered being uplifting?

10. You Moan Quite Often!

Naturally, a challenging workout will make you grumble a little bit here and there, but try to keep it to a minimum! Nothing is more distracting when you're trying to focus than hearing another man moan.