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Exercises for Building Muscle Fast: Chest


The chest has always been difficult to develop, as I indicated above. To encourage that resistant chest to grow, let me provide you a few helpful recommendations and chest exercises.

Presses and flyes are the two basic types of chest exercises. Although it appears very simple, how you press and fly can significantly alter the effectiveness of your chest workouts.

Leave your ego at home when performing the bench press. Maintaining proper form is crucial; keep your back straight and your legs flat on the ground.

Flyes: One piece of advice is to keep your little finger slightly higher than your thumb when doing a fly. Try it and see how it affects you if you agree with me that this targets the chest muscle better.

Legs: Heavy leg exercises, especially squats, can actually help you gain upper body mass. If you aren't doing heavy squats, start right now. Some suggest by as much as 10%.

Include plenty of slope work; if at all possible, more than flat. This effectively prevents the Man Boob effect by working the lower chest.

Intensity: There are several effective strategies to boost the intensity of your chest routines, including heavy negatives, drop sets, forced reps, rest pauses, supersets, and tri-sets.