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Exercises That Take Four Minutes a Day Produce Results in Less Than A Month

Exercises That Take Four Minutes a Day Produce Results in Less Than A Month

Even while the plank doesn't produce effects right away, it does so more gradually, and eventually, if you continue doing it consistently for four weeks without stopping, you will be astounded at what you have accomplished.

To avoid overstretching your body, you should only hold this position for 20 seconds at a time. Then, you should progressively extend the period.

That sounds very easy, therefore you need to gradually but steadily increase your endurance until you can hold a plank position for four minutes at a time.


Start with 20 seconds on Day 1

Day 2: Add another 20 seconds.

Day 3: Go up to 30 seconds.

Day 4: Add another 30 seconds.

Day 5: Go up to 40 seconds.

Day 6: Unwind

Day 7: Go up to 45 seconds.

Day 8: Add another 45 seconds

Day 9: Go up to 60 seconds.

Day 10: Add another 60 seconds

Day 11: Add another 60 seconds

Day 12: Go up to 90 seconds.

Day 13: Unwind

Day 14: Add another 90 seconds

Day 15: Add another 90 seconds

Increase to 120 seconds on day 16

Day 17: Add another 120 seconds

Day 18: Raise it once more to 150 seconds.

Day 19: Unwind

Day 20: Add another 150 seconds

Day 21: Add another 150 seconds

On day 22, increase to 180 seconds.

Day 23: Add another 180 seconds

Day 24: 210 seconds are added.

Day 25: Unwind

Day 26: Add another 210 seconds.

Increase to 240 seconds on day 27.

Day 28: Use your increased strength.


It is crucial to adopt the correct position in order to do this exercise successfully. To ensure proper weight distribution, you must first check that your hands are positioned according to protocol and that your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders.

The spine should then rest straight, and you should avoid turning and putting undue strain on your neck and back. You should also maintain your legs somewhat apart from one another.

Your thighs should, however, be in contact with one another, and you should adjust the space between your legs as needed.

Additionally, you should breathe slowly and have less stress in your body.