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4 Science-Based Tips to Quickly Gain Bigger Arms

4 Science-Based Tips to Quickly Gain Bigger Arms

You may increase your muscle mass and size by following these 4 scientifically proven strategies for bigger arms.

Use these expert advice from Jeremy Ethier to develop your muscles and achieve significant physical changes.

Are you putting in enough effort?

Even though it sounds obvious, how much work should you really be putting in?

According to research, boosting the volume devoted to your arms can hasten growth. This is readily accomplished by adding an additional arm exercise to your regimen or by adding an additional set to your arm training each week as you gradually increase the number of sets to 20 or more.

This includes the work done indirectly via compound movements. After that, when your development stalls, temporarily lower the intensity of your biceps and triceps exercises before starting over.

Prioritize your arms with these science-based tips to get bigger arms.

Even though it's unconventional, you will need to give your arms the most priority if you want them to expand.

According to research, executing your arm exercises last yields worse effects in terms of bigger biceps and triceps than giving them priority. To prioritize the arms more, perform your biceps exercises before your back exercises, for instance, during a pull workout.

Compound exercises and progress isolation exercises

According to Jeremy, progress made with isolation workouts rather than compound exercises is a stronger measure of muscular growth. This means that you should concentrate on making weekly improvements to your arm isolation workouts because they will be more predictive of arm growth over time.

Stay on Course with These Science-Based Tips to Gain Bigger Arms

"Finally, you'll want to avoid switching up your arm exercises too frequently in order to best implement the prior guideline. By doing so, you'll be able to more easily monitor your development over time and become stronger with them week after week.

When you hit a plateau, this rule does not apply.

In that scenario, switch things up and put your body through fresh challenges. This will enable you to keep things interesting, develop your news strength, and move forward.