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Create Killer Pecs in 3 Simple Steps


Create Killer Pecs in 3 Simple Steps

Often, keeping things simple is better. And on chest day, concentrating your best effort on a small number of exercises is frequently preferable to trying to complete a large number of exercises but wearing yourself out before the end.

Even though this workout is so basic, it doesn't have to be any worse than an eight-move gauntlet. With the intensity-boosters outlined here, hit these three motions hard and that should be sufficient.

If done correctly, these three workouts will work every pec muscle fiber from top to bottom, giving you bigger, stronger, and superior pecs while using up less time.

Technique Suggestions 

Incline Press

You may concentrate on your pecs with the incline machine press without having to hold the weight steady. Use a Smith machine with a movable inclination bench if your gym lacks an incline press machine. Use the incline press machine if you have access to one. Do not forget that simply when you are using a machine, you are still allowed to go heavy. Load up the plates and attempt 8 reps of a big weight while maintaining proper form. Don't let your elbows lock out at the top to maintain tension in your pecs.

When you hit failure, take a 10-second break, attempt a few more reps, and then take your complete 60-second break. Repeat this for each set. To increase volume and work your pecs to the ultimate maximum, try rest-pause exercises. If you feel the activity is finished after 4 sets, stop. Otherwise, aim for 5 sets.

Dumbbell Flat Fly

Pressing alone won't help you build your shelf. Flyes isolate the pecs without using the triceps, increase flexibility, and stretch the muscular fibers. Although I don't want to suggest that you skip this exercise, bear in mind that flyes don't require you to use the heaviest dumbbells in your gym. For a four-count, you should still be able to control the negative on each rep.

It is much more beneficial to fight that resistance when the pecs extend to lower the weight than to simply let it fall and attempt to jack it back up. Additionally, avoid merely banging the weights together at the top. In fact, avoid letting them touch at all. Put your attention on contracting your pecs tightly. The weights don't need to touch at any point to complete this move.

Bodyweight Dip

To get the most out of this fantastic mass-building exercise, you'll need to add more weight to your dips unless your body weight provides enough resistance on its own. A weighted vest, a dip belt with attached plates, or chains around your neck are all options. If you decide to use the chains, be careful to know their weight so you can estimate how much you will be lifting.

You'll swap gears and complete dropsets for the final workout. Try to complete as many reps as you can with the added weight, and if you can complete more than 12 reps, increase the weight. Once you've achieved failure with the weight, take it off and try again. For all three sets, repeat this dropset. Use a machine or a helper if you are unable to perform dips using only your body weight; if this doesn't work, simply add extra assistance.