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Easy Upper-Chest Exercises

You must begin from the top if you want to build a strong, full, and broad chest. In other words, give focus to your upper pecs.

Use it as your plan for your chest day if you enjoy the volume of this workout on its own. Start with this exercise and add one or two additional motions of your choice at the end if you'd like to put in more effort.

Low-angle Incline Dumbbell Flys

One set, 12 reps, one set, 10 reps, and one set, 8 reps

Low-Angle Incline Dumbbell Fly Technique Advice

Choose the lowest incline on a bench that is adjustable. By reducing the participation of the front-delts, you may better concentrate on the upper pecs. Keep your arms as straight as you can without locking out as you descend the dumbbells. To get the most out of the pec stretch, lift your chest as the weights move out to your sides. To prevent your shoulders from trying to join the lifting party, keep them back.

Instead than just bringing the weights back up, concentrate on constricting your chest as you do so. Don't let the tops of the weights touch as you squeeze your arms together. Instead, squeeze your pecs as hard as you can when the weights are over your chest before returning to the starting position for your subsequent reps. After the set is finished, take a 45-second break before the following one.

McClane Smith Incline Press

You may emphasize the "chest up, shoulders back" technique on the Smith machine without having to worry about stabilizing the weight, allowing you to enhance upper-chest recruitment.

Establish a standard 45-degree angle on your bench. Stop an inch short of touching your chest as you drop the bar. Pause. This maintains tension in your pecs and prevents momentum. Press the weight back up after pausing, squeezing your pecs at the top. Keep your elbows from locking out. You don't want your triceps to take control if you do that. Between sets, take a 60-second break.

Push-Up with Elevated Feet

Push-ups are a fundamental chest exercise, but raising your feet directs attention to your upper pecs, much like an incline bench does. To increase the movement's ferocity, spread your hands apart so that they are broader than shoulder width.

When you fail while supporting your feet on a bench or box, bring your feet to the ground and continue. Your set is ended whenever you experience failure once more. Start the following set after a 30-second rest. On your later sets, you probably won't receive as many reps, but strive to make every rep matter.

Use dumbbells or push-up handles if you want a wider range of motion or have wrist strain when performing push-ups.