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Getting Broad Shoulders: How to Do It

Most athletes focus on chest and how much they can bench press when it comes to upper body exercises. But if you want to look better, having broad shoulders should be your top objective.

Although few guys have broad shoulders, they give you a fitter and more powerful appearance, which many men crave.

No one can tell how developed your chest is unless you put on a shirt, but they can definitely notice if you have broad shoulders. As I also mentioned, having a broad shoulder can help you become more athletic and slim.

You will appear fitter if your "shoulders to waist" ratio is larger. Sadly, very few individuals actually understand how the shoulders are constructed, how they work, and how to effectively train them.

Three heads are on the shoulders:

Left shoulder, right head

The muscle that moves the arms sideways and is largely responsible for shoulder breadth is known as the lateral head, or side deltoid head.

Two-time Olympia Mr. Larry Scott is the ideal illustration of how, with the right exercise and perseverance, you can develop broad shoulders.

forward of the shoulder head

The lateral head usually always remains underworked even though it is the one that gives the appearance of larger shoulders. The anterior, or front, head, has the distinction of having the most worked head.

The most used (and somewhat overused) shoulder head is this one. All the bench pressing, shoulder pressing, and dips cause this.

head and posterior shoulder

The posterior shoulder head is the least used head. Without it, the shoulder will seem flat from the side, negating the "wide shoulders" appearance and adding little to no depth to the shoulder area.

So you should primarily focus on the lateral and posterior head if you want to create bigger shoulders. These two shoulder heads will emerge as a result of three exercises that will also help you develop broad shoulders.

1. Press with a grasp that is wider than shoulder width and hang straight. This exercise stimulates both your side delts and front delts and is performed three times for six to eight repetitions.

Side laterals, second 3 x 10 reps

3. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions of the rear delt raise.

Remember, while you're dressed, nobody can see your chest or biceps, but if you have broad shoulders, everyone can see how athletic you are.