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Mass 3 Week Shoulder Workout Plan

Try this hard shoulder workout regimen if you're an experienced lifter looking to enhance or shock a certain body area (in this example, the shoulders). The system is referred to as P/RR/S, or Power/Rep Range/Shock. Over the course of nine weeks, the exercise constitutes a three-week phase that is carried out three times.

If you can handle it, you can exercise your complete body with this shoulder workout regimen, which seeks to strengthen a weak body region (your shoulders). P/RR/S keeps the monotony of the typical workout program at bay.

But first, a word of caution: You are not prepared for a program of this intensity if you have only recently begun training or have been exercising for less than a year. In other words, you need to have a fundamental knowledge of how the different muscle groups work, some excellent strength, and a strong mind-muscle connection with the muscles you're working on. You should do better with some of these shoulder exercises if you are not advanced.

The three-week shoulder exercise program

Power Phase, Week 1

The "power week," which consists of three sets of four to six reps with four to five minutes of rest in between sets, is where the main intensity section comes from. You should execute a different exercise for each of the three heads that make up the delts: the anterior or front head, the lateral or side head, and the posterior or rear head.

Forward Delts

3 × 4-6 Side Delts while seated with a barbell

Rear Delts, 3 x 4-6 Lateral Raises

3 × 4-6 upright barbell rows

In the four- to six-rep range, hit the targeted muscles hard to the point of failure, but don't go too heavy. For the sake of getting more reps, you shouldn't compromise form. Don't try to lift your maximum weight because you're trying to gain muscle.

Week Two: Practice Phase

Rep Range Week follows tough Power Week. Use the same guidelines as for Power Week, but adjust the rep range for each exercise. The first exercise should be performed in sets of eight to nine repetitions, the second for ten to twelve, and the third for thirteen to fifteen. You have two to three minutes to rest in between each set.

The heads can be trained in a different order. You begin by hitting the side heads before moving on to the back and front.

lateral bends

Lateral increases while seated, 3 x 9 Rear Delts

Dumbbells or cable laterals bent over Three 10 to 12 front dlets

Dumbbell/barbell presses while seated, three sets of 13–15.

To conduct a good muscle contraction, make sure to squeeze at the peak of each movement.

Shock Phase, Week Three

Techniques with a high level of intensity are used during shock week in an effort to stress the muscles so that when they recover, they will expand and get stronger. Supersets, drop sets, partial reps, and the rest/pause approach are a few examples of the strategies. We'll use the drop set method for the sake of simplicity.

Drop sets include performing a set with a heavy weight, dropping it by roughly 25% when you reach failure, and then performing more repetitions until you reach failure once more. Take a two-minute rest between each batch of drops.

You can again alter the order in which you work the deltoid heads; this time, start with the back, then go on to the front, and finish with the side delts.

Back Delts

Warm-up with bent-over lateral lifts. One x 8-10(4), 8(4), 8(4) Front Delts, 2 x 15-20 Drop Set*

Presses with a hammer or a smithy

warm-up 8-10(3), 8(3), 8(3) Side heads, 1 x 15-20 Drop Set

Warm-up with one-arm cable laterals: 1 × 15-20 Drop Set* 1 x 8-10(3), 8(3), 8 (3)

Drop Set* is a drop set, and this is how you'll use it:

To do a set, you should carefully choose a weight that will cause you to fail after 8 to 10 repetitions, pause for five seconds, then reduce the weight by 25% before attempting the set again.

- After a 10-second break, drop the weight by another 25% and repeat the exercise until failure;

the third week

The procedures can be restarted by beginning with Power week once more, followed by Rep Range week and Shock week. Repeat the overall three-week cycle one more time for a total of nine additional weeks. Take a week break following three rounds of P/RR/S to rest and be ready for the following nine-week phase, if you're up for it.