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The advanced motion known as the dragon flag has several advantages and is named for Bruce Lee, who utilized it to develop rock-hard abs during his heyday. Nothing targets the entire midsection as effectively as the dragon flag, but this exercise is much more difficult than it appears. You should have developed a certain level of strength before attempting this exercise because it requires a lot of core strength to keep your body in the air and perform the entire movement in a controlled movement. The following day, anticipate to have really sore abdominal muscles. However, with the appropriate advice, anyone can use dragon flags to get a chiseled midriff, so let's get started!

Usually, dragon flags are practiced following an exercise. They are a seriously strong movement, therefore you must fully recover between sets if you want to give each try your all.

Start by securing your arms in a fixed posture and bracing firmly against a bench or other hard surface. Start the workout by lowering your body, which is the eccentric component. Create a straight line with your torso and legs, then gently begin to squat down, making sure that only your upper back touches the bench. Be ready for your initial attempts to only be able to lower barely below vertical. Your body should be lowered to just above the bench in this position. As you stand back up, avoid bending at the waist and keep your entire body in a straight line. Aim for flawless form and control by concentrating on doing the movement as firmly as you can.

You need quality, not number, for this practice to provide real effects.

Perform only the negatives by lowering as slowly as you can, placing your feet on the bench, and then lifting yourself back up to the starting position if performing the entire action is too difficult for you right now. Up until you attain a complete execution with appropriate form, keep practicing. Keep trying since this exercise is your best chance to develop a strong core.