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The three exercises recommended by Dorian Yates to develop a wide back brace

The three exercises recommended by Dorian Yates to develop a wide back brace

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Even if you have been training your back vigorously for a while and have used a variety of specialized back programs, you are still far from having the developed back you've always wanted.

In this article, we'll give you three workouts that Dorian Yates himself suggests for significantly wider backs.

What Dorian actually suggests is a three-part program.

To target the lats and upper back, the first exercise involves performing close-grip reverse pulldowns on a Hammer Strength machine.

In order to add mass, the second exercise involves performing overhand grip, bent-over barbell rows.

To develop thickness to the teres major and rhomboid muscles, the third exercise involves performing seated cable rows.

1. Reverse pulldowns with maximum effort

Reverse pulldowns

Pulldowns on a standard pulldown machine can be substituted for the first exercise, which is performed on the Hammer Strength machine as we previously mentioned.

The variation performed on the Hammer Strength machine simulates the back muscles' movement in a way that is much more like nature.

Simply pulling the load down in a vertical line is all that is required when using a standard pulldown machine.

The lats are stretched more effectively when you take the handle in a close grip, and your lats are stimulated more effectively when you take the handle in a reverse grip.

Do a few warm-up sets before you begin the working sets.

Then, position yourself in the starting position by grabbing the bar or handles with a close, reverse grip, bending your elbows slightly to emphasize your lats more than your biceps, and beginning to pull down.

When pulling, pay special attention to your lats. After pausing to ensure complete contraction at the bottom position, begin slowly and carefully releasing the load upward to create a smooth movement.

Never overarch your back or lean too far back since you will be limiting your range of motion.

Choose a weight that will cause muscle failure after eight repetitions, and if you have a spotter behind you, try to complete two or three more forced reps.

2. Bent Over Barbell Rows using an Overhand Grip

Over Barbell Rows

Bent-over barbell rows have earned praise for being crucial muscle-building exercises, and rightly so.

The various parts of the back are related to Dorian's method of execution.

He performs them using an overhand grip with his hands at shoulder width and his body at a roughly 70-degree angle to the ground.

The bulk of bodybuilders perform them by pulling the barbell into their chest while keeping their torsos parallel to the ground.

However, 70 degrees is the optimal angle to position yourself in if you want to strike the lats directly and raise as much weight as you can.

Simply raise the barbell to your waist by pulling it up from the floor.

Three. Sitting Cable Rows

Sitting Cable Rows

Finish the workout with a few warm-up sets and three work sets of seated cable rows (using a long bar) for 8–10 repetitions each.

To give the rhomboids and the teres major more thickness, use an overhand grip at shoulder width.

To get a better lat stretch while beginning the activity, bend slightly forward.

Bring the bar to your upper abs or lower chest while extending your elbows.

To better stimulate your upper back and reach peak contraction, move your elbows as far back as you can.

Give yourself a week or so of rest after completing this exercise so that your back can heal.

To keep the workouts interesting and keep you motivated to get the back growth you've always desired, you can swap deadlifts or pullovers for the Hammer strength pulldowns.


Hammer Strength Equipment 3 sets of 8 repetitions of pulldowns

Bowed over barbell rows (body at 70 degree angle to the ground) - 3 sets x 8 repetitions

3 sets of 8 repetitions of sitting cable rows

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