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8 Exercise Equipment That You Should Ditch

8 Exercise Equipment That You Should Ditch

While using a machine to exercise may seem like a good idea, there are several that you should avoid. Check out this list of 8 exercise equipment items you need to stop using.

If you think using any machine within a gym is secure and efficient, reconsider. However, a few of them are extremely prevalent among gym visitors and some of them have the potential to cause more harm than benefit. Max Posternak discussed various exercise equipment you ought to cease using.

Although having a large selection of machines could be a smart way to attract new clients, simpler weightlifting equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, is usually more efficient.

Exercise Equipment You Should Avoid Using

The machines on the list below, according to Posternak, should perhaps be avoided or at the very least used differently.

First Smith Machine

Smith Machine

Some individuals utilize this machine in place of exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, which are meant to be performed with a real barbell. This machine is useful for a few exercises.

Many frequently believe that because the machine is locked in place while being used for the aforementioned exercises, injuries are prevented.

It is detrimental to your shoulders to perform bench presses.

While most people lean back toward the bar when performing squats, it is not biomechanically normal.

2. Machine for Hip Abduction and Adduction 

Machine for Hip Abduction and Adduction

These equipment are frequently used to work the glutes and inner thighs, but squats and lunges are better options.

One immediate problem, according to Posternak, is that your body would never naturally carry huge things in this manner in the actual world. Using this equipment causes knee pain by overworking your TFL muscle and pulling another muscle known as the IT band.

Moreover, it could aggravate lower back pain, and it won't help you lose inner thigh fat.

3. Leg Press Equipment

Leg Press Equipment

You don't necessarily have to stop utilizing this piece of gym equipment. If you have lower back problems, in particular, you should modify how you utilize them.

Leg presses push your lower back against the pad in such a way that it gets harder and harder to keep your natural lumbar curve as your knees bend and get closer to your chest.

Posternak suggests performing a few repetitions with a small range of motion. Make the decision to perform squats, lunges, or Bulgarian split squats if you want to achieve a wonderful stretch.

If you still want to utilize the leg press machine, do it after a leg workout and just with one leg at a time, keeping the other leg down to keep the lumbar spine neutral.

4. The seated twist machine and the torso rotation machine

The seated twist machine and the torso rotation machine

Posternak advises avoiding this machine if you wish to protect your spine from damage. Limit the range of motion and utilize a lighter weight if you do decide to use it.

5. Behind-the-head lat pulldown

Behind-the-head lat pulldown

By performing this exercise behind the head, no further muscle-building advantages are provided. In fact, because your back and shoulders are weaker in that position when pulling behind the head, you will need to reduce the weight burden.

If you pull or press behind your head, you risk injuring your rotator cuff as well.

6. Sitting Crinkle Machine

The sitting crunch machine is yet another piece of exercise equipment you should stay away from. Although it will undoubtedly work your abs, this workout isn't as efficient as others like decline sit-ups, stability balls, and reverse crunches.

7. Selectorized machines for shoulder presses and chest presses

Selectorized machines for shoulder presses and chest presses

These pieces of equipment are outdated and do not support unilateral training. You would have to simultaneously press both handles.

Moreover, Posternak adds, "the path of these old machines is really unusual and hazardous for your joints." These outdated devices will force you to move weights in a straight manner, causing shoulder discomfort and sometimes even injury.

8. Howeverter Machine

Butt Blaster Machine

This equipment, which is primarily used by women, does not efficiently target your glutes. The majority of users will probably concentrate on their hamstrings rather than their butts when utilizing this equipment.

By performing barbell squats and dumbbell lunges, you will develop stronger glutes.

Any questions regarding the exercise equipment you should cease using? Check out the video below from Posternak.