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How to Make Your Lower Abs Visible by Targeting Them

How to Make Your Lower Abs Visible by Targeting Them

"You might be wondering how to target your lower abs and get visible lower abs if you have lower belly fat or are just soft in that area. I'll demonstrate in this video not only whether it's possible to target the lower abdominal muscles in particular, but also how to do so in the most efficient manner. You can shape your lower abs with just three easy exercises (plus a bonus workout) and some advice on how to perform them.

How to Work Your Lower Abdominals

You may have heard that it's impossible to emphasize one abdominal muscle group over another. In other words, strengthening your lower abs is impossible without also engaging your other abdominal muscles. That's accurate. Yet, depending on where we start the movement from, we can favorably affect the area of the abs we're after. Top-down exercises, such as a normal crunch, are used to target the upper abs, whilst bottom-up exercises are used to target the lower abs.

Making them Visible

"The location of the pelvis and the low back causes the lower abs to be vulnerable to additional anatomical manipulation. Every ab exercise you perform should be done with a flat back to have the greatest effect on the lower abs. You must be in a posterior pelvic tilt to accomplish this back position. You can also lessen the activation of the hip flexors during these motions by curling your pelvis in and under.

"The next thing you need to do is set your hip angle. You should have a 90-degree angle between your hips and knees. But, you should open the angle so that your legs are farther apart to make the workout tougher and closer to your chest to make it easier. Keep the angle you choose throughout the entire workout, whatever it may be.


What exercises can we perform, and how should we perform them, to best target your lower abs?

We start with swipers. Raising your pelvis totally off the ground and swiping your hands below your butt can help you get your legs in the air. This workout is excellent since the movement incorporates automatic feedback. You will have no trouble swiping your hands together if you were able to lift your pelvis off the ground and toward your chest. If not, concentrate on raising that pelvis.

Then, we perform reverse knee tucks, which are actually tailbone lifts. Why? Traditionally, most people merely raise their knees toward their midsection while letting their hip flexors control the movement. Think about elevating your tailbone off the ground and bringing your knees to roughly forehead level for this exercise to really target your lower abdomen. By doing this, you can make sure that the lower abs are working as hard as possible and the hip flexors are working as little as possible.

The plank knee slide is a more challenging variation of the normal plank that is the following ab workout. You can target the lower abs throughout this action by adhering to the same guidelines that were discussed earlier (if performed correctly, of course). Just be mindful to move deliberately and slowly during each phase of the action.

The dangling leg raise is a bonus exercise that is arguably one of the best ab workouts ever for targeting the lower abs. I prefer to offer the cue of displaying your butt to the person in front of you rather than just raising your legs up. By doing this, the hip flexors will be released, allowing the abs to carry out the majority of the work. You are lifting the weight of your legs against gravity, which is another excellent benefit of this workout.

Engage the adductors to make each of these workouts harder. You can just cross your legs and squeeze them together for three of the four ab exercises I demonstrated. Consider isometrically drawing the plant foot inward during the plank knee slides.

Furthermore, because the lower abs' fibers run at a little oblique angle, you can also add rotation to the exercises.

"If your lower abs are covered in too much body fat, none of this will matter. The fat cannot be spot-reduced with exercise. To start burning that fat off while still constructing and strengthening your lower abs, you must improve your nutrition and maintain a hypocaloric state.