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Execution and suggestions for standing calf raises

Execution and suggestions for standing calf raises

Standing calf raises target the calf muscles, primarily the larger, outermost muscles.

How to Perform Standing Calf Raises Correctly

Standing calf raises can be performed both inside and outside of a fitness center and are rather simple to perform.

1. Place your feet on the step's outer edge. You can get by without a step by using a step aerobics platform, a step stool, or any other raised platform.

2. Stand with your back straight, your stomach muscles tight, your heels balanced over the edge of the step, and the balls of your feet mounted firmly against the step. Place your hands against a wall or other solid object if you need help with balance or support.

3. Raise your heels gradually while remaining balanced on the edge of the step or platform.

4. Remain in this position for around 45 seconds, at which point you should stoop down and resume your beginning position. Your calves should only feel slightly burned, not painful.

Advice on How to Improve Standing Calf Raises

Stretch as far up onto your tiptoes as your body will allow you to do so comfortably, and then lower yourself as far as your ankles can bend without hurting. Avoid the urge to bounce up and down; instead, move slowly and deliberately.

As you push, disperse the weight throughout the entire width of your foot. Avoid lifting with your big toe or the outside of your foot. A serious muscle strain may result from this.

Using a Leg Press Machine to Perform Correct Toe Presses for Machine-Assisted Calf Raises

Many fitness centers have cutting-edge leg press machines, but some people prefer the complete range of motion available while performing standing calf raises with the help of dumbbells for increased weight.

1. Lie flat with your shoulders firmly tucked under the shoulder pad of the leg press machine.

2. To lift the weight stack, straighten your legs slowly and deliberately. Carefully step backward until your heels are resting just off the end.

3. Lift your heels while keeping your toes on the platform, then lower them once more.

4. After finishing each rep, slowly make your way back to the foot plate's center and gently lower the weights.