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5 Exercises You Must Perform To Get Huge Legs

5 Exercises You Must Perform To Get Huge Legs

Even if you look amazing from the waist up, neglecting the growth of your legs will eventually make your body look strange and out of proportion. Leg training shouldn't be put off until "later," once you've achieved your aim of developing an enormous upper body.

We understand that you may find it less appealing than, say, biceps training, but the reality is that if you want to develop a highly aesthetic and well-defined physique, you need to take big leg development just as seriously as big chest development.

In light of this, we provide you with a list of five essential leg exercises that will help you develop your lower body beyond expectations and distinguish your physique from that of the typically frenzied bench presser. starting now!

1. Kneeling

Squats, in general, mark the beginning and finish of leg exercises. When it comes to building mass in your lower body, this exercise is by far the most crucial. Sadly, because of a lack of attention to proper form and technique.

Leave your ego at the gym and refrain from stacking plates on the bar to get the most out of your squats. Instead, aim to perfect your form and strengthen your mind-muscle connection by concentrating on maximizing the contraction on each rep.

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Initially, perform a few sets using only the weight of the bar to adequately warm up. By doing so, you'll increase blood flow to your leg muscles and get your joints ready for strenuous activity. Maintaining a straight back is important as you lower your weight. To maximize the recruitment of muscle fibers, try to complete the entire range of action.

Pyramid sets are wonderful for increasing leg strength. Start with a weight that enables you to complete 12 reps with proper technique, then add 20 pounds to the weight and complete 10 reps.

Do 8 reps with the weight increased by 20 more pounds, then add another 20 pounds and aim for 6 reps. The weight should be increased by another 20 pounds for the final set to form the pinnacle of your pyramid (by this point, you should have added a total of 80 pounds to your beginning weight). Aim for 4 reps with the strictest form possible.

It's time to descend the pyramid, so take off 20 pounds and attempt to complete 6 reps, then take off another 20 pounds and attempt to complete 8 reps, and so on until you reach the initial weight and complete your final 12 reps.

2. Squat hacks

Finally, you will get your quads to scream "no more" with hack squats. Your primary goal should be to extend the time under stress when carrying out exercises by slowly and deliberately moving through the whole range of motion.

Choose a weight that enables you to complete 12 reps with a 4-second lowering period and 15 solid reps. Each phase of the lifting motion (upward motion) should be quick and explosive, and each phase of the lowering motion (downward motion) should last 4 seconds and be as maximally regulated as possible, with a focus on maintaining continual tension in the muscles. But be careful not to completely lock out your knees—this can quickly lead to damage.

Because hack squats emphasize your quads' lower, inside region more than standard squats do, they demand a specific position in your leg-training regimen. Hack squats also eliminate any potential compensations that can have an impact on your squat depth because they exclude the upper body from the exercise.

A higher foot position will more efficiently target the glutes, whereas a lower foot position will predominantly work the quadriceps. You can also modify the exercise's focus by simply adjusting your foot position.

On a hack squat machine, which provides more control and stability for the exercise and enables you to load up the weight, hack squats are performed. To ensure that your spine is always properly supported, make sure to keep your back in touch with the backrest throughout the entire movement.

If done correctly, this strenuous exercise may seriously hurt your leg muscles but will ultimately result in great bulk gains. Keep your form under control and try to maintain a steady mechanical tension to get the most out of it.

During a 4-second lowering period between each rep, you should ideally complete 4 sets of 12 reps.

Three. Lying Hamstring Curls

The hamstring curl is a vital exercise for making sure that the front and back of the leg are perfectly balanced, which leads to superior aesthetics and a lower risk of injuries caused by unbalanced muscle development. Leg curls will also target your hamstrings more directly than any other workout, which is an added benefit.

Unfortunately, because hamstring exercises are less well-liked than quad exercises, many lifters neglect to fully develop these muscles, resulting in underdeveloped and unimpressive-looking hamstrings.

Exercises that focus on the knee flexion function and the hip extension function of the hamstring muscle independently are necessary to train them since the hamstrings span two joints, the knee joint, and the hip joint. As you might have imagined, the leg curls make use of the hamstrings' ability to flex the knee.

The best way to complete this workout is in drop sets. Choose a weight that is reasonably heavy, complete 12 reps with proper technique, then lower the weight and complete another 12 reps.

Lower the weight once more and attempt 12 reps, then execute the final set while maintaining proper technique. In total, there were 4 sets of 12 reps each. Remember, maintain the muscle tension as intensely and consistently as you can to fully exhaust your hamstrings.

4. Sitting Leg Extenders

The leg extension is a straightforward, constrained motion that only involves the knee joint and can be utilized to build stronger quadriceps. Leg extensions have a terrible reputation since a lot of guys seem to think that this is the sole exercise necessary to develop killer quads, using it as a justification to skip out on other effective exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Leg extensions aren't the best leg exercise in the world, but if you use them the same way you would any other solitary exercise, they still have a lot of potentials to improve your leg growth.

Leg extensions can and will assist you to increase your muscle mass in this situation, so don't discount them just yet. In reality, this is a crucial exercise for fortifying the quadriceps attachment and the patellar ligament, both of which are crucial for preserving knee health and enhancing the effects of lower body training.

Even though this exercise is straightforward and elementary, there are a few important form considerations that will improve its efficiency. The pad must first be adjusted so that it rests on top of your lower leg, just above the feet. Furthermore, make sure your lower and upper legs are at a 90-degree angle. You can avoid putting undue strain on the knee joint by doing this.

Once more, perform a drop set, beginning with a weight that is heavy enough to make it difficult for you to complete 12 solid reps, then lowering it and completing another 12. Continue doing this until you have finished 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

Your legs will be burning like crazy by this point, so aim for half reps on the final two sets if you can't perform each exercise fully. Using your quadriceps, extend your legs as far as possible while keeping your knees slightly bent to protect the joint and making sure that the rest of your body is always motionless on the seat. After a brief period of holding the peak contraction, steadily bring the weight back down while keeping your legs within the 90-degree range.

5. Static Lunges with Dumbbells

We advise concluding your workout with a few sets of dumbbell lunges to totally exhaust any remaining strength in your leg muscles. Lunges are excellent for working your gluteal and quadriceps muscles while also enhancing overall leg definition. Nevertheless, you will hold the stance for roughly 30 seconds rather than performing forward lunges.

With a dumbbell in each hand, step forward with your right leg while maintaining alignment and a tight core. Bend your front leg while lowering your back leg till the knee almost touches the floor without shifting your feet.

Repeat with the other side after returning to the starting position after holding for 30 seconds. Do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions on each side. Increase the dumbbells' weight if you think you can perform more, and make sure you battle through every rep as the set draws to a close.

This simple leg program, which consists of only 5 exercises, is excellent and can help you improve your legs quickly. The size and strength of your legs should increase noticeably quite quickly if you start using this workout on a regular basis.