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Targeting the Long Head of the Triceps for Maximum Growth!


Targeting the Long Head of the Triceps for Maximum Growth!

You must ensure that you are developing each of your triceps' three heads individually as well as collectively if you want them to reach their full potential, as this is the only way to achieve continual growth and maximum size.

Your triceps have three heads: the lateral, long, and medial, as you are already aware.

The bulk of the triceps muscle is made up of the long head, which starts at the shoulder blade and goes the length of the upper arm. This muscle is essentially what gives you strength during bench presses.

Furthermore, you must master the proper arm positions to stimulate the long head of the triceps in order to fully develop them.

Only when your arm is raised overhead does the long head fully extend, therefore workouts like overhead extensions allow you to focus on this area specifically.

Because a completely stretched muscle is capable of a stronger contraction, achieving a full stretch is essential for muscle growth. It's time to try better methods to effectively and optimally target this important portion of the muscle if you frequently keep your arms by your sides during triceps exercises so that you may see larger increases!

How can I work my triceps' long head as hard as possible?

Movements Above

Since overhead exercises are so versatile, there are many ways to add more to your routine. For example, you can perform overhead triceps extensions with an EZ-bar, dumbbells, cable, or a rope and get equally effective results.

Additionally, try to perform other exercises with your arms raised higher to accentuate the long head. For instance, use an inclined bench instead of a flat one while performing skullcrushers or close-grip bench presses.

Totally Flexible

You must perform full repetitions in order to recruit every muscle fiber possible and fully activate the long head of the triceps.

Targeting the long head greatly depends on where your elbows are placed. To generate a full contraction, the triceps must be pre-extended, which can be accomplished by raising your elbows above your head.

Put your attention on moving the muscle from full stretch to full extension.

Various Rep Ranges

The triceps long head has both slow and quick twitch muscle fibers, much like any other muscle, thus you should try to train both.

Use both hard sets of 4-6 repetitions, which target the fast-twitch muscle fibers that produce explosive strength, and lighter sets of 12–15 repetitions, which target the slow-twitch muscle fibers that produce endurance, to achieve this.

You won't have any issue gaining robust triceps bulk as long as you keep your attention on the lengthy head of your triceps.