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Why Are Squats So Important in Your Bodybuilding Routine?


Why Are Squats So Important in Your Bodybuilding Routine?

Many bodybuilders are so infatuated with the bench press that they overlook squats, which are one of the most efficient full-body exercises. Squats are known as the "granddaddy" of all workouts due to the numerous benefits they provide.

Squats, for starters, improve strength and stimulate muscle growth in your legs, which are the greatest muscle in your body. The quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes/buttock muscles, and calves are the major muscular groups in the legs. The quadriceps are the main muscle group engaged during squats, but the hamstrings, glutes, and calves also play a role in the compound movement of squats.

Second, squats activate resistance in your upper muscular group, such as your trapezius and back muscles, in addition to your leg muscles. You strain to lift the bar up when it sits and digs into your trapezius, which provides the forceful movement we want to develop and acquire lean muscle.

Squats also encourage a good cardio program. Before my leg day, I always make sure I'm rested and eating properly (carbs, protein, and fats). The squat practice requires so much effort to press the bar that it burns more calories than most other body part exercises. I don't pant and almost puke when I do bench press, lat pull downs, or barbell rows, but I do when I perform squats. It's exhausting and borderline insane to do!

Which activity would you choose and why if you could only workout once a week, as most pro bodybuilders would say? Squats make up the majority of their responses! Because it's a total-body workout that works nearly every major muscle group and burns calories like a flame.