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5 Simple Exercises You Can Do on a Workout Bench


5 Simple Exercises You Can Do on a Workout Bench

Are you looking for a piece of multifunctional exercise equipment that can improve your strength and raise your heart rate? Even though it might not seem like the most apparent choice, an exercise bench can do wonders for your physique.

You may work out anyway you choose, whether it's HIIT, cardio, or the tried-and-true bench press! Here are five straightforward yet challenging exercises you can do on a training bench, even if you are a total beginner.

On a workout bench, you can perform these 5 easy exercises.

1) Climb and descend

When you were a child and saw a park bench, what did you do? You probably remember bouncing and sprinting around it. Amazingly, those were and still are some of the best exercises for developing powerful glutes and calves.

To complete this exercise, you must stand in front of the bench with your feet apart. Put your left foot on the bench first, then your right. As you rise from the bench, place your right foot down first. Make sure your hands are clasped in front of you rather than flailing around to help you keep your balance.

Once you are comfortable with the exercise, you can increase the difficulty by increasing the number of repetitions, the speed, or even the number of dumbbells.

Second Bench Jack

Undoubtedly, you've heard of a jumping jack. But what exactly is a bench jack? It's basically the same thing, but more difficult!

This exercise focuses on the lower body, in especially the glutes. If you do this often, your bottom will get firmer and more toned.

To complete a bench jack, place your feet on either side of the middle of the bench. You simply hop onto another bench after that. It's that simple! You'll start to feel the heat in your muscles very quickly.

Choose a training bench that is moderately low and wide to give you more support. Make your landing as gentle as you can to protect your knees as well. To brace yourself for the impact, land softly on the balls of your feet and squat a little.

3) Benches and Planks

The exercises we have so far shown are primarily targeted at the lower body. To complete your full-body workout, this exercise will focus on your arms and core.

To begin this exercise, use the bench to form a "T." Start off by assuming the plank posture with your hands and toes on the bench. Use your arms to help support your weight.

Now, without relocating your feet, place your elbows on the ground. Return to your feet and raise your palms.

That is the only exercise available. It works your biceps and triceps in addition to your pecs and core. What a great upper-body exercise!

4) The initial bench press

The bench press is the most common exercise done on a fitness bench. Bench pressing, however, is not a challenging exercise in and of itself (although that is a challenge). The important thing is to do it safely. Having a spotter while bench pressing is practically required to prevent harm.

Start by resting on your back on the bench. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width as you hold the bar above your head. Lift the bar until your arms are straight, then slowly and carefully lower the bar back to yourself.

5) Moving Forward

This workout's standout activity engages both the upper and lower bodies. It mixes cardio and bodyweight lifting. If you execute a few quick reps, rest, and then repeat, you can use this exercise as an alternative to a great HIIT workout.

Start by placing your hands and knees on the bench. Simply hop (with both legs) onto one side of the bench before moving to the other, keeping a strong hold the entire time. Your arms will support your entire weight, working your triceps while maintaining the health of your core and lower body.

As you can imagine, a lot of muscles are being used at once. Because of this, hop overs rank among the most demanding and effective exercises.

The Takeaway

Exercise benches may be the most unappreciated piece of gym equipment. However, if you employ the right routines, you may maximize its potential and use it for a full-body workout! These five bench exercises combine cardiovascular activity with muscle building, which is known to be the most beneficial for your health.

Although you might be eager to start these workouts, you must first choose the appropriate exercise bench. Utilizing a poor one can quickly injure your muscles (or worse, your spine). This article explains which exercise bench is best for you in detail.