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You Consider Yourself Fit? Try out the Russian Armed Forces' Bodyweight Test!


You Consider Yourself Fit? Try out the Russian Armed Forces' Bodyweight Test!

If you feel that your training has become repetitive and dull and you need a challenge, you've come to the correct place. You need to be both physically and emotionally powerful since this is what sets men apart from boys.

People either adore pull-ups or hate them; there is no in-between when it comes to their opinions about them. There are several techniques to evaluate your muscles' strength and stamina. The most popular exercises are the "big three," or the bench press, squat, and deadlift, as well as other bodyweight exercises like the pull-up.

When determining your level of fitness, your bodyweight strength is equally as important as how much you can squat and bench. The clearest example of the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises is the pull-up challenge that the new recruits in the Russian Special Forces undertook.

The task might seem easy and uncomplicated at first, but by the time you do it, you'll be seeking for a pail to puke in.

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Instruments needed:

an uplift bar

a kettlebell, weighted vest, or plate weighing 25 pounds

If a weighted vest is not available, you can use a dipping belt to secure the weight plate or kettlebell.

The test of pull-ups.

I'll say it again: don't take this exercise lightly. Without a doubt, it will use up all of your energy. Your strength, endurance, and general fitness will also be put to the test in addition to totally searing your forearms, biceps, and lats. A total of 18 pull-ups must be completed with good form and the entire range of motion. If the form is incorrect, a rep is not counted.

Oh, and throughout the entire "ordeal," you must maintain your attachment to the 25-pound weighted vest, weight plate, or kettlebell that we were talking about. Although designed for the Russian Special Forces, this work is comparable to the strength and endurance needed by, for example, the fire department or other countries' armed forces.

If you need assistance, check out the following step-by-step instructions:

* Position your hands on the pull-up bar shoulder-width apart and use an overhand (pronated) grip.

* Keep your back tight and straight while extending your arms.

* Cross your lower legs, keeping your knees slightly bent.

Retract your shoulder blades to lessen the strain on your shoulder joints.

* Keep your abs tight as you pull yourself up until your chin touches the top of the bar.

* Pause after two seconds and remain there. Then lower yourself back to your starting position.